Union Rules

Interpreting the labor rules at different convention centers across the U.S. can be confusing to say the least. What may be well within the rules and guidelines at one facility can be out of the question at another. Labor rules for a show one year can also change dramatically for the same show next year, even if the actual venue doesn’t change. If the venue changes you can be almost certain the rules will change to some degree, especially if the new location is in another state.
Right-to-work states usually allow the exhibitor to take a more active participation in the I&D of their display at convention centers in these states. However, even right-to-work states can vary in their approach to show labor. And in a few cases rules change dependent upon the venue rather than the city or state. In other venues where the labor rules are more strict, exhibitors tend to unknowingly overstep the bounds when it comes to the I&D of their exhibits. Most often exhibitors are not aware of what they can and cannot do or they are simply anxious that their exhibit will not be up in time for the show.
For exhibitors, these rule changes and varied jurisdictions can make managing the installation and dismantling of their exhibit problematic. However the bottom line is that everyone involved, the exhibitor, the show management, the EAC, the show contractor do have a common goal to get all of the exhibits up and running before the show doors open.

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