The hallmark of the Absolute I & D program is the training of our supervisory staff to always remain a step ahead of the rules and regulations that govern our labor pool, as well as the sites of installation. Mike Koren opened the doors of Absolute I&D in 2002, having worked with innumerable installation and dismantle services and never quite getting the personal service he felt his clients deserved. Mike has always been in sales; first in the furniture business, then in mortgage sales, and finally in the past 25 years in the exhibition industry. The trademark of his sales work is his ability to form a relationship with every client. Absolute I&D services individual exhibitors, as well as major exhibit houses world round. We have multiple crews and union contracts in all of the major show venues and show leads to fly everywhere. Mike oversees all of his clients personally, and has been known to be in Orlando in the morning, Las Vegas midday, and end his day or evening on the show floor in Anaheim. He is truly hands-on and never plans to retire!

Mike Koren – mkoren@AbsoluteIandD.com, cell – 714-718-9187

Mike Koren

Mike is the President of Absolute I&D, raised in Texas and southern California, Mike has a wife, two grown sons and a grandson. Mike had a great time in college, finally receiving his BA in Communications from University of Southern California after attending both University of Texas and Arizona State University. Mike’s favorite movies are Goldfinger, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and Casino – a true man fantasy. He listens to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. His interests include biking, reading, and traveling. His first car was a ’65 Mustang Cobra Convertible, and his favorite childhood vacation was a YMCA caravan to the national parks in Colorado and Utah.

Ivan Rocha – irocha@AbsoluteIandD.com, cell – 714-719-6550

Ivan Rocha

Ivan is the National Show Services Coordinator, raised in Los Angeles where he lives today with his wife, two young daughters and his bouncing baby boy. Ivan graduated from Norbonne High School where he played football. He drove an ’88 Chevy pick-up in those days. Ivan’s favorite movies are Blitz, Shooter, and The Expendables. He spends his free time camping with his family. His favorite childhood vacation was a driving trip to Mexico.

Karina Bennett – kbennett@AbsoluteIandD.com – 714-782-2676

Karina Bennett

Karina is Absolute I&D’s Account Executive. She attended Poundswick High School in Manchester England and Xavarien College. She received diplomas in business and contract law, and an additional diploma in export and customs compliance. While still in England Karina acted as an import supervisor at Umbro International and a customs compliance manager at Panasonic Corporation in London. Karina was born in London, and has lived with her husband and family in Orange County since Jan 2004. As a mother of three she likes to watch her son play soccer and her daughter compete in cheer.

Her favorite movies are Grease and Blade Runner and her favorite musician is Keith Urban and from her younger days, Duran Duran! Her first car was a Ford Escort in sky blue which was the same color as the Manchester City Football Club – which we all know is real football in her world … soccer. She considers herself a wine snob and a soccer fanatic. Her favorite childhood vacation was to the south of England to Torquay to the English Riviera – where she visited the topless beaches. She is definitely our bohemian staff member.

Adrian Olidem – AOlidem@AbsoluteIandD.com, cell – 714 782-2670


Adrian is a Lead Exhibit Installer raised in Fontana, CA where he lives today with his wife and son. Adrian graduated from AB Miller High School and then he attended San Bernardino Valley College. His first car was a 1965 Ford F100 truck. Adrian’s favorite movie is Black Hawk Down. He spends his free time fishing. His favorite childhood vacation is the trip he takes to Mexico every year.

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